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Sabian Arts
Heather Sabian

Visionary artist.

Emotional expressionist.

Featuring vibrant, sometimes dark

expressions of the human mind, heart and soul. 


"You are a fabulous, unique, beautiful voice in the world of art and life. An angel soaring with wings afire as your journey has taken you through hell, darkness, beauty and light. The visions that pour from inside tell stories and moments that only you can express.

Looking up at the blinding sun, we glimpse the shadow and outline of
your wings
your body
your heart
as you gaze down upon us and offer that heart in sculpture.
We embrace you. We yearn for that gaze. Sometimes we may turn away if the raw beauty frightens us. Yet it is still beauty and we love you as you are. Fly on as we wait for your shadow to kiss our souls again."

Written for Heather by SD3

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